My work schedule has been crazy busy. It’s been a struggle to find the time to shoot & get creative. But I had the honor of (finally) shooting with Franz Steiner with @Steiner.Creative. It’s truly an art to shoot fitness and Franz captures those moments so perfectly. And I always appreciate the movements of real athletes.

I of course shot these AT my office DURING my lunch break. Thankfully I have such a beautiful office, the shoot was able to fit within my lunch hour. Thank you Franz for all your patience with me.

When starting this new job, it was hard for me to find a workout schedule that I could commit to everyday/every week. Also easily accessible office snacks were hard to quit. So 10 pounds later, I asked my trainer Danny what I was doing wrong. He simply asked me how much rice & sugar I ate. My answer made me change my ways that same day. And everyone MUST watch FED UP, a documentary on sugar intake in America, trust me it’ll change your life and your waistline.

The past month, I’ve gotten in the habit of working out everyday at 6:30AM before work & I’ve increased my cardio and decreased my (bad) carbs. I have gone back to Pesca-tarian (fish, no meat) and I haven’t felt this good in a long time. Honestly, the hardest part is putting on your gym clothes and getting out that door. The rest is easy. Try it, I dare you. Here’s to our Winter 16′ bodies!

Cool Down Shorts:  Lovers + Friends   Gem Bra:  Lovers + Friends   Ultra Boosts:  Adidas

Cool Down Shorts: Lovers + Friends

Gem Bra: Lovers + Friends

Ultra Boosts: Adidas

 Studio Stripe Long Sleeve:  Adidas by Stella    Shot by/   Franz Steiner   xx,  Justine

 Studio Stripe Long Sleeve: Adidas by Stella

Shot by/ Franz Steiner