Wish you were here


I jumped on a plane to celebrate Ceasar & Bobby! It was finally happening!!! They were getting married!! We all met in Cabo and stayed at this insane compound. That’s all I could describe it as… It felt like a hotel in itself and It was the perfect place to celebrate C&B <3. The weekend was perfect. I fried like a burrito, I did absolutely nothing for 4 days but swim and  sip on tequila. One of my favorite nights were after the wedding. We decided to stay up and watch the sun rise on swans in the ocean. It was literally one of the most beautiful moments of my life. I was hardly on snapchat so all I have are these fun pics 🙂 enjoy! 

As the sunset, C & B took their vows. They listed 10 things they loved about each other and not a dry eye in the house. Everything about this night was perfect from the Mariah Carey & Arianna Grande jams to the flash mob Beyonce medley Ceasar performed for B. It was confirmed that these two are truly my favorite people.