The Deep End

Triangle Top:  Jolyn Swimwear   Brazilian Bottom:  Jolyn Swimwear

Triangle Top: Jolyn Swimwear

Brazilian Bottom: Jolyn Swimwear

My love for swimwear began on the swim team when I was 7 years old. I was always a fish in water, maintained a slight obsession with mermaids, and grew up by the beach. It only seemed natural to be in a bikini at all times.

My mom put me through every sport imaginable. From tennis to basketball to volleyball, I chose swimming. Although swimming is an individual sport, it really takes support from your team to achieve that goal. We had a particularly close bond which still carries out today, almost 10 years later.

And there’s nothing MORE exciting than to watch swimming in the Olympics. I remain an emotional mess while watching the Olympics anyhow, but can we all agree that swimming is actually one of the best sports to watch? I mean with all the speedos and such 🙂

I was lucky enough to have shot this at the very pool that I used to practice in during my younger days. I of course begged the owner and he had no other choice but to say yes. Thankfully the pool was clear this day and the weather was perfect.

Yes, I still swim. At least a handful of times a month with my mom on the weekends. If you love something, you gotta keep practicing and never let it go. And you gotta keep it tight haha. We aren’t getting any younger here…

Strapped in the Closet Plunging Swimsuit:  Nasty Gal

Strapped in the Closet Plunging Swimsuit: Nasty Gal


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