In Between the Lines


A collaboration by Mclaren Ray x Louis De Guzman

For years I have been wanting to produce a shoot that incorporated illustrations. I’m so so happy I was able to collaborate and make it happen with two extremely talented people.

 I recently met Mclaren to test shoot. As I stumbled in to his apt/studio dragging a large suitcase full of clothing behind me, I nervously reminded him for the 5th time that I was NOT a model and to please give me direction. Mclaren’s work caught my eye on instagram. His work is so clean and just so beautiful.  As I unloaded my laundry pile of clothing, Mclaren sorted through each piece and styled each look himself! Who knew? A photographer & stylist!

About 4 years ago, I met Louis De Guzman in Chicago, his hometown. He is so god damn talented. I am so proud of him. He contacted me regarding a collab with my online store Gypsum. His ideas were out of the box. It was refreshing to work with someone who was so driven and modest. Our first collab brought me to Chicago for an art show Louis was in. I had never been to Chicago but I quickly fell in love with everything and everyone I met. It was one of the best trips of my life. I made some life long friends whom I still hang out with today.

To my luck, Louis recently moved to LA this past year. Even with his extremely busy schedule and workload, he was still amped to collab on these photos with me.


PhotographerMclaren Ray

Illustrator/ Louis De Guzman

Styling/ Justine Cuenco