It’s everyone’s favorite time again… Where your favorite music, fashion & parties all collide in to 3 wonderful and insane days in the desert, Coachella Festival. I am known to overpack for these types of occasions because you could never have too many options. But two things are for sure, these two looks are coming with me from Lovers + Friends.

This year, I’ve ditched outfits that felt too tight and constricting. Maybe I’m getting old… but comfort is key especially when you’re dancing around for 10 hours. This Carmine Top + Serene Shorts  are so comfy I can probably sleep in them. Lucky for me, they are so dang cute too. Win, win.

When in doubt, wear your yellow sunnies. I not only brought 1 but 2 pairs to Coachella Valley with me this year. I’m the queen of donating my glasses to strangers by loosing them. You’re welcome… Always plan a backup.

I’m not a tall person (at all) but these Mason High-Rise Jeans make me feel like much leggier than I actually am. Perhaps it’s the wonderfully nostalgic Hvar Wrap Top that’s paired with it. I’ll take all the bonus length I can get.

I can’t hardly wait to see this fashion show fiasco this weekend at Coachella. I hope to see you there!



PhotographerKevin Gonzales