... and I'm back!


But I never really left.. I just took an entrepreneurial break from blogging. If you know me well, you know I had a Dear Diary kinda blog. It was raw, unfiltered & sometimes shockingly honest. This was, of course, before blogging became a cash cow and less about your words. Naturally, everything great becomes monetized.

As blogger's continue to write less and sell more, I promise to keep my entries unadulterated, pure, and 100% honest (even if it's not agreeable :p). Here I'll be posting my life adventures, travels, and some of my favorite outfits/swimwear - with a little of fitness.

June 2015, I purchased an Olympus film camera so I could take film photos at my best friend Samuel's Dirty 30 in Napa. I remembered how rewarding it was to develop film. Here are some favorites from 2015 + 2016. I promised my camera I would take it everywhere that I went. So please enjoy! There's so (so so so) much more to come... Stay tuned!